Our Future

Pflugerville has the potential for a very bright future.  With tremendous growth prospects ahead of us, our city leaders must stick to a plan to maintain our high quality of life while more and more people move in seeking that same opportunity.  Current estimates show Pflugerville growing to 100,000 people by 2030, but those estimates ignore the areas just outside our city limits; areas where people associate with Pflugerville, using the roads, shops, and services available in our community.  As the 11th fastest growing city in the nation, I believe we’ll surpass those estimates.

Our City Council must have a shared vision to support the growth of the city and, not only maintain, but improve the opportunities available to our citizens.  Our city will need massive transportation upgrades, more high-paying jobs, additional grocery stores, a greater variety of restaurants, upscale shopping destinations, and full-service medical care.  We need leaders with a passion for creating that environment which entices these businesses to expand in Pflugerville.  

I have that passion.  I have that vision.  I ask for your vote, so I may continue to serve the people of Pflugerville.