Animal Shelter

When the people of Pflugerville rejected a $10.7 million bond proposition for an Animal Shelter, that didn’t end the need for improvements to the city’s service.  I believe the measure was defeated because it was exorbitant and largely unnecessary.  I’ve personally presented a plan to various council members and the city manager that addresses the issues which led to the bond proposal, while also addressing the cost concerns that came later.

Our faithful volunteers demonstrated the need for an attractive and prominent facility to aid in the care and adoption of those cats and dogs.  Those of us with a sharp eye on the city’s finances recognized the importance of utilizing the investments in the existing facility.  My proposal includes site-work to mitigate the existing flood plan while constructing a new adoption facility adjacent to the current shelter, but with frontage and visibility on Pecan, one of our city’s main streets.  My initial estimate puts this plan at less than one-third the cost of the rejected bond proposal.

We must remember that a facility is only part of the solution.  Simple policy and staffing initiatives can have a huge impact on the time a pet spends waiting to be reclaimed, or ultimately adopted.  Allowing our volunteers a few additional responsibilities will greatly reduce the time that an animal spends at the shelter, which ultimately mean fewer kennels and less space is necessary.