Local Jobs and Employment

While transportation tends to get the most attention, I believe that the best way to decrease the time we spend sitting in traffic is to simply shorten our commute.  Rather than dealing with Austin’s traffic, our citizens should be able to live and work right here in Pflugerville.  During the seven years I’ve served on the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation, I’ve been working towards that goal.  Large businesses need what I call “community infrastructure;” they need hotels, restaurants, and other professional services in order to operate.  With this in mind, I’ve focused on bringing small and medium sized businesses to Pflugerville, including some national headquarters.  These business have spurred the growth of our hotels and restaurants. This is the foundation upon which we build our future; upon which bigger and better companies will be able to locate here in Pflugerville.  Over the course of my tenure, Pflugerville has added hundreds of high-paying jobs, with many more to come.