Open Government

Have you ever wondered what’s happening in our city and had a difficult time figuring it out?  Have you taken to social media in an effort to learn more?  I’ve made a personal effort to open a dialog with as many people as I can here in Pflugerville.  You’ll frequently find me answering questions or providing background and context for the decisions and direction taking by our city leaders.  You’ll also find me at city meetings urging our leaders to consider the future of Pflugerville with every decision they make.  

Serving on your City Council, I plan to expand the city’s communication and outreach.  I plan to enact annual “Town Hall” meetings were you will be welcome to mingle with city leaders while learning about recent and future projects within the city.  I want all of our citizens to know which businesses are coming to town, when the road near your home will be expanded, and when that park down the street will finally be built.