Simplified Ballots

Here in Pflugerville (Travis County), we’re asked to vote on 18 contested races, 15 uncontested races, and 28 charter amendment propositions.  There are essentially four different ballots, depending on whether you’re in U.S. House District 10 or 17, and Texas House District 46 or 50.  If you know your precinct number, click on the link below to download a simplified ballot with the contested races highlighted.  These should be the races you’ll be asked to vote in.

This is how I organize my thoughts when evaluating the right candidate for the job.  By highlighting the races where I actually have to make a decision, I can narrow down the research that needs to be done.  The League of Women Voters seems to have the best, and maybe only, comprehensive guide in the area.  This is the one published in the Statesman: Voters Guide.

Only Local Races

Precinct 110

Precinct 123

Precinct 136

Precinct 137

Precinct 145

Precinct 146

Precinct 148

Precinct 150

Precinct 160

Precinct 161

Precinct 203

Precinct 219

In the small sliver where Pflugerville overlaps with Williamson County, the numbers are a little different.  There are 13 contested races, 6 uncontested, but still listed races, 8 uncontested offices that don’t even allow for a vote, and the 28 charter amendments.  I wasn’t able to highlight anything in this ballot, but it is specific to the Pflugerville portion of Williamson County.

Pflugerville – Williamson County Ballot